One month to go

If you haven’t been out on the bike climbing hills regularly it’s probably too late to start training for Galibier now,  but there is still some preparation you can do before the Tour starts.

Clear your IQ/DVR

Most of us will need to function at work during the three weeks of the Tour,  so this means watching all stages live might not be the work-life balance your employer has in mind.  Delayed viewing comes with the risk of having stage results spoiled,  but at least you’ll be able to pause for cow spotting.

Set up your Tour-viewing games

The Tour is ideal for drinking games and Liggett/Sherwen bingo.  Study the route carefully –  perhaps the Team Time Trial will provide Paul Sherwen with the inspiration to let loose with a string of African proverbs.  Which stage is most likely to provoke the heaviest use of the characterisation of the peleton as “angry”?  Where will the greatest concentration of “dancing on the pedals”  occur?  Choose your words/phrases and poison carefully,  particularly if you are watching live on a work night.

Stock up on snacks and drinks

We will be offering cheese and wine suggestions for some stages,  but we can’t subsist on cheese alone. Or so I’ve been told.  Fill the fridge with pate,  terrines and cornichons.  Have some crackers,  pretzels and chips handy.  Keep your fluids up – you might not have the luxury of a domestique,  so be sure to keep the fridge full.  (Check out DiscoverVin if you want to make your wine selection nice and easy.  They’ve put together a “Taste the Tour” pack for stages 12,  14 and 15.)

The lovely people at DiscoverVin have sent us a Tour Pack to try. Can't wait to open a bottle...

Put some credit into the sleep bank

Take an early hibernation this June to give yourself the best preparation for late night July.

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