Les Vaches du chaos!

You know that our mission here at Las Vaches du Tour is to bring cows and bikes together. Metaphorically we thought …  but overnight at the Dauphiné Libéré,  some cows took us on –  literally.  A herd of cows joined the peloton from the side of the road.  They caused quite a bit of chaos,  unfortunately bringing Euskaltel rider Mikel Landa down and breaking some of his bones.

Here’s some vision with French commentary showing the incident. There are many repetitions of the words for “the cows”  and a lovely giggle. Make sure you watch on until 0:52 for some lovely cow video.

To hear Paul Sherwen’s commentary on the cows … here is a link.   He hasn’t seen an incident involving cows and riders before … oops!   (no really,  I’m sure they haven’t heard about this site,  I’m not taking responsibility.)

Oh …  and some results?  After saturday’s stage 6 Bradley Wiggins is leading,  with a 1:26 lead over Cadel Evans and 1:52 on Alexender Vinokourov.

Oh …  and the cows?   I think they may be Simmentals…

10 thoughts on “Les Vaches du chaos!

  1. Bill Fenton says:

    Wonderful site! Love it!

    Re Simmentals. Good guess but I suspect that the more correct answer is that they are Montbéliard – also known as: French Dairy Simmental

    This breed originated in the Haute Saône-Doubs region of France. They are a dairy and meat breed belonging to the French Red Pied group. They are bright red and white and originated from Bernese cattle brought by the Mennonites in the 18th century.


    Paul and Phil are birding tragics, who typically obsess over the correct ID of species. I also was flabberghasted that Paul could not ID the Charolais.

    • essjaymoo says:

      Thanks for the ID Bill. I was tossing up between the two. I’ll make a note on the original post and thanks for the link to another cow resource.

      I don’t think I’ve got it in me to blog the birds of Le Tour. I’ll leave that to someone else.

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