Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer

Here at Les Vaches HQ we are excited to announce that we will have an official cowrespondent on the ground for Le Tour.  Rupert Guinness,  of the Sydney Morning Herald,  will be heading off to France shortly to cover the race.  While his focus is clearly on the cycling he will be keeping an eye out for any cattle-and-cycling related news for us.  He is already on top of cow news –  this afternoon he tipped us off to the antics of Irish cow Daisy.

Why was Daisy so keen to escape?

Perhaps she was inspired by the cows who’d disrupted the Dauphine a few days earlier and had her sights set on disrupting the Cork County Road Race Championships.

Or maybe she was practicing her escape technique in order to put a ruminant security cordon around the Irish National Road Championships because she was upset that Irish Rider Nicholas Roche was injured during the Dauphiné-Libéré and felt responsible for rehabilitating the image of bovine cycling fans everywhere.  Roche’s accident had nothing to do with the cows (he had an unfortunate run-in with a pot-hole) but the PR advice being given to cows everywhere would be to err on the side of helpful for at least a few weeks.

We’ll never know for sure.

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