Stage two: round-up

Round and round and round they went.  Round and round and nary a cow to be seen.

No real cows, that is.  Thanks to Les Agriculteurs des Essarts, we were treated to this splendid sight as almost every team passed by:

Fortunately our commentators were willing to overlook any negative environmental impact of this display, however Phil did seem perplexed by the idea of an animal so happily offering its meat.

Thanks to all our twitter cowrespondents who enthusiastically tweeted news of this vache!

We are pleased to report that Geraint Thomas is still in the white jersey, and somewhat relieved that we won’t be seeing Cowdel Evans in the unfamiliar green.  He was clearly so uncomfortable in the colour that he burst out of his skinsuit, prompting Lisa to wonder (tongue firmly in cheek) whether the compromised aerodynamism (is that a word? If I put an “e” on the end, maybe it will look more French…) cost him seconds.  In tonight’s stage, we will see the God of Thunder in yellow rather than in the polkadots and, with only the one point being awarded for climbing so far in the race, I’m stumped as to who will wear the King of the Mountains jersey tonight.  Will it be David Millar, second in the overall standings?

And, apart from cows, it seems that a fair proportion of Tour viewers will be eagerly awaiting the individual time trial, just to get another glimpse of Astana’s shiny, shiny skinsuits.

6 thoughts on “Stage two: round-up

  1. Jaybeenesq says:

    Cowdel in polka dots – sitting 3rd and came second on only hill? If so hope it fits better than green and looks better than on GoT.

    • Injera says:

      Thanks for that. That’s good news – Cowdel will look much better in the dots than the GoT did. Thor looked a bit like our logo squeezed into a jersey usually worn by those super-skinny climbers! [IR]

  2. Eha says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned de COWS? I mean the lovely champagne coloured herd about half-way in the race: could not give the proverbial ‘d’ about the row of silly moos riding past!? And – now – exactly what breed were they? – Lesson, please!

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