More radio – The Bicycle Show

Les Vaches were invited to have a chat on 94.7 The Pulse during The Bicycle Show on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately technical difficulties prevented both vaches from being on the line at the same time, so it was une vache du tour rabbiting on about cows, the Tour and other bits and pieces.

tbs090711-lesvhachesdutour podcast

Thanks, Bethany, for inviting us on and playing us in with Cows with Guns.  I hope the core cycling audience didn’t mind!

4 thoughts on “More radio – The Bicycle Show

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you to you both, sorry we couldn’t work out the technical difficulties on Sat last on 94.7The pulse; I have to tell you I thought Beth was going to explode she was laughing so much at one stage! i’m really enjoying the Les vaches comments and you’ve got me spotting cows now as well and I’m recommending my mates have a look as well (after all you can’t laugh too much)
    Heather (the other one on the mike)

    • Injera says:

      Thanks so much, Heather! As much as we both love the racing, this has given our Tour a whole new dimension. Thanks for having us on the show… and for sharing the cow love around.

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