Competition – more than halfway there!

The peloton is now just over halfway through the Tour, albeit battered, bruised and somewhat depleted.

Those of us who are trying to keep up with the race in real time are getting into our own rhythm, but the late nights and the sometimes monotonous repetition of cycling clichés can become too much.

How are you managing to get through this year’s Tour? Do you have any tricks, strategies, energy-enhancing food or drink? Are you recording and imposing media blackouts? Have you banned all friends, family and acquaintances from so much as mentioning the stage results just in case you haven’t yet caught up?

Let us know in the by leaving a comment on this post and the best response (Australian residents only) will receive two bottles of wine from the south-west of France, courtesy of our supporters at DiscoverVin. Our best “foreign correspondent” will receive a Les Vaches du Tour t-shirt.

Comments will be open until midday (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday 17 July.

11 thoughts on “Competition – more than halfway there!

  1. Jaybeenesq says:

    Last night I found 40 minutes running, no vino (plonk not Alex) and the Rough Guide to Corsica kept J a bright boy. Coke and coffee with post training pizza at Zia’s Cafe may have had some part.

  2. Nick Walker says:

    Cheese and wine to greet the start of each stage, followed later by a cup of tea imbibed through a TimTam. Trying to think up as many cow puns along the way is always fun.Should we re-name this first half “Les Crashes du Tour”?

  3. Rhonda says:

    Easy for the eyelids to get heavy on a work night. Reading @lesvachesdutour tweets & responses keeps me awake & cow spotting keeps me alert! Plus I just raided the chocolaté!! #tinybitofcaffeine #j’aime les vaches #wigglingbuttshelp!!

  4. Shane says:

    I like to sit on the couch eating energy gels and drinking electrolyte drinks. I especially enjoy throwing the bottles off the couch on to the side of the lounge room.

  5. Injera says:

    @Jaybeenesq – I can see that the running will keep you awake – I guess you might struggle to get to sleep after all that!

    @Nick – cheese and wine at the start is a good move and I like the Tim Tam tea-straw touch (and alliteration, clearly). Les Crashes du Tour is unfortunately apt… keep the puns coming!

    @Rhonda – I’m glad the cow spotting is helping, although the last couple of stages have been pretty bare. #wigglingbuttsindeed!

    @Shane – Do you invite tifosi in to souvenir the empties, to save on cleaning up? And does the race ref insist on you using the loo or face a fine?

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  7. Eha says:

    Sign on door: ‘Don’t disturb till 10 am’. Phone off the hook. Super comfortable bed with heaps of pillows. Mugs of green tea with homegrown lemon – dark chocolate squares tantalizingly melting in mouth allowed towards the last 50kms of race. Out of bed during ad breaks: bending, stretching, walking circles around my cottage. Blissful aloneness, resuscitation from day’s problems – a totally relaxed feeling . . . unless there is yet another crash – oh no! who’s out now? Pyrenees and Alps, here we come!

  8. 4firstnames says:

    I have found myself having to educate everyone I know of the intricacies of the tour (including la vasches) so I’m allowed to watch it at night, talk about it in the morning and imagine it when I’m on my bike. Vive le tour.

  9. Auntie Manners says:

    I’ve got a hot water bottle and a blankie with the Eiffel Tower printed on it to help me through the cold Melbourne nights. Pretty hard work sitting on my couch watching tv till the wee hours so when the going gets tough I think of Johnny Hoogerland and have a teaspoon of cement…. I may have to try Shane’s suggestion though!

  10. bargosal says:

    Mmmm cheese, wine, cosy fire, early snooze, then wide awake for le tour, although I do have a bad case of tdf-eyes during the day. NOT a pretty sight!
    I don’t know about cows, but the vultures were plentiful last night. Maybe all the cows were hiding.

  11. michelle bowman says:

    Chocolate, lots of it, keeps me going till end of stage. Oh and a baby that doesnt sleep at night definately helps. (We think she likes listening to Phil and pauls voices!)

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