Stage thirteen: round-up

Riders are approaching KM 0. It’s hot for a change. Watch out for cows that roam free on the Aubisque and Soulor.

That tweet from The Inner Ring is just the kind of thing Team Vaches wants to read as a stage starts.  After a number cow-free stages we were keen for #trolldj to go back to being a distraction from, rather than the focus of, our nightly viewing.  Our hopes had also been raised when we received this photo from cowrespondent David, taken on the road to Lourdes in 2008:

After the Taste Le Tour segment, my only cow-related concern ahead of the coverage starting was that we had no cheese to accompany what promised to be a riot of ruminant spotting.


"Here's one I'll prepare later!"

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

Not. One. Cow.

Seriously. Even the carcass that had been left to attract the vultures on the slopes of the Col d’Aubisque was that of a sheep.  I’m running out of things to not say about cows.  Even google is starting to mock Team Vaches; when I searched for “vultures Aubisque”  in images, this was one of the first results:

Image: Chris Hayes

So let’s talk racing.  The stage featured a breakaway that initially included the God of Thunder who was dropped before the summit of the Col d’Aubisque but never gave up, catching David Moncoutie, dropping him, and finally passing Jérémy Roy to win the stage.  Whilst it was odd to see none of the “heads of state” getting in amongst it last night, #trolldj was able to bust out some unusual intros to mark the weirdness, highlights being The Great Escape theme as the escapees extended their lead into 8 minutes and EMF’s Unbelievable after the GoT’s victory.

Even a 7′ 37″ lead over the peloton is not enough to shift yellow from Thomas Veau-ckler, and Cowbell is now in a Schleck sandwich on the overall standings. Cowvendish retains the green, Jeannesson the white, and hopefully the spotty shirt will make up for some of the disappointment Roy will be feeling over losing the stage victory after working so hard throughout yesterday’s racing.


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