Stage fourteen: round-up

It was the last stage in the Pyrenees and we had our sights set on the cattle, of course. There were reports of cows at 114.2km and 112km from those in Team Vaches who were watching the web coverage (thanks Kate and Andrew), but when the SBS coverage began at 101km the route was barren of bovines. The recap editor missed a chance fo show us the earlier cows, for some bizarre reason focussing on the climbs we’d missed.  Huh.  There was a sense of resignation, another cow free stage. At least Paul Sherwen was thinking of the geologists among us, discussing a source of chromium in the mountains. And then:
Well, what would be rather nice if we could spot round here, there is a very well-known rare race of cows, the belle Gascon.  They’re actually white cows, but the youngsters have a brown coat.
This alone would have made the stage a winner for Team Vaches, but it was about to get better.  A sighting!

Paul Sherwen will have to talk about cows more often - he conjured these up!

We finally saw a finish where the “heads of state” were in a group, eyeing each other off and trading attacks, having dropped their foot-soldiers.  Jelle Vanendert of Omega-Pharma Lotto crossed the line first with Sammy Sanchez 21 seconds behind.  Andy Schleck opened up a 2 second gap before Cowbell, who got the same time as Contador, Franck Schleck and Veau-ckler.  Cowbell remains in a Schleck sandwich in the GC, and Veau-ckler is not relinquishing his yellow jersey yet.  Just as well – the paint on the yellow bike is only just dry.  Cowvendish also keeps the green jersey, and will have a chance to battle for some more points in today’s stage.  Roy gives the spots up to stage winner Vanendert and the new white jersey holder is Rigoberto Uran, from Sky.

The stage might have been over, but the cows were not done for the day.  In a break between presentations, the helicopters swept over the plateau and captured this:

And Gabriel Gate’s Taste le Tour, despite being promoted as focussing on lamb, gave us these riches:


"The cows are very friendly!"

These looked like Abondance, which we will talk about more in the Alpine stages.  All in all, stage 14 was a winner!

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