Stage fifteen: round-up

It was only appropriate, in hindsight, that the stage from Limooooooo would give Team Vaches the Tour’s best bovine experience.  Of course, it didn’t start promisingly.  The landscape the peloton rolled through was notable for the absence of pasture, dominated by the vines of the Languedoc.  Paul helpfully informed us that the vines produce 130,000 hectalitres of wine per year.  “Well that should keep Paul Sherwen in stead for the rest of the Tour de France,” was Phil Liggett’s dry rejoinder.  It was at about this point that the helicopter gave us a long view of the terrain to come.

Sky shot – not a vache in sight.

That tweet was enough to persuade me to set the recorder and abandon for the evening.

See: Cows with Guns for what happened next…

After the excitement of the Cow tribute, the rest of the stage was a bit of a blur (yes, even watching it in replay – once I’d seen that fabulous montage I had to remind myself to keep watching the race!).  The wind continued to attack the peloton as they battled towards Montpellier and the breakaway wasn’t able to keep the sprinters, eager for a last bit of glory before Paris, at bay.  Cowvendish was able to take the stage victory and keeps the green jersey.  There was no change for any of the “heads of state” or jersey holders, so they will all go to the rest day almost as satisfied by the stage as Team Vaches.  Almost.  I’m not sure they will be on quite the same high…

The montage is up at SBS Cycling Central. Vive les vaches!



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