One sleep to go…

… before three weeks of sleep deprivation!  Have an early night and make sure the alarm isn’t set for the morning because we all know that putting Zzzzzs in the sleep-bank works, right?

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If you have a team in the SBS fantasy tour, join our mini-league and see if you can beat the cows!  Yes, that’s right, the riders in team Moooooving Right Along* have been chosen solely on the basis of the cow-ifyability of their names. Cowdell is there, of course, and Cowvendish and Veauckler. It was impossible to find a vache-link to justify the inclusion of favourite Boassen Hagen (anybody?) but at a stretch David Za-brisket got a jersey.  Our league is Les Vaches du Tour and the password is cowpats. There’s a t-shirt in it for the winner.

More and more businesses are getting into the spirit of the Tour:

  • Bill’s Farm at the Queen Victoria Market will be offering specials matched to stages of the Tour;
  • The team at Libertine has designed three different Savour le Tour menus for the three Friday stages;
  • DiscoverVin are back again with another fabulous Tour pack of wines selected to match stages 13 to 18.

Please let us know of any other Tour-related food or wine specials.

Stock up on some warming Belgian ales to help you through the first few days and let the race begin!  Oh, and don’t forget to order your jersey before time runs out…

= = = = = = = = = = =

*Obviously a tribute to the magnificent #trolldj

2 thoughts on “One sleep to go…

  1. Craig says:

    Probably a good think that wimbledon was a dud! Agee less late nights! Allez Cadel!
    The tour packs are doing well. Looking forward to our virtual peleton of wine food and bike racing!!

  2. Eha says:

    NO more sleeps to go 🙂 ! Just remember THIS will be followed by the Olympics with just six days in-between!!! Wow, 10 pm – 2 am! But can’t wait to hear Phil L call his 40th and indeed, ‘Allez, Cadel’!!!

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