Prologue: Round-up

From memory, prologues don’t usually invoke quite as much excitement as this year’s in Liège. Perhaps this was due to the build of of Cowdel fever (encouraged by the fab documentary SBS played prior to their live coverage); perhaps it was the call-outs from many of last year’s fabbo cow-respondents and the re-establishment of the #lvdt and #trolldj hashtags; perhaps it was the anticipation of more Astana “shiny suits” (especially on Vino! – sj) or more likely – all of this and more.  The excitement levels reached fever pitch as we waited for our first look at the riders for this year’s tour, including our very own Orica Green Edge team (sooooooo proud!) and a record breaking 12 Ausssies in the starting lists. There is a lot to look forward to over the next three weeks.

Spartacus showed that he has won the prologue four times for a reason – complete and unadulterated determination.  Injera showed that the off-season had affected the twitter-skills by over-tweeting and getting benched by the twitter police just as Cancellara started his run. We filled in some of the slower moments (as did Phil and Paul) with discussions about intestinal parasites, the acceptable occasions on which you can wear white lycra knicks, comparing supplies to get us through the long cold nights of Le Tour, musing on the presence of Gabrielle Gate and the absence of a #sagwagon podcast.

We even managed to find a cow in the coverage, although not in the city of Liège itself, but rather in the first instalment of Le Taste le Tour  – and seeing as this is the Prologue – we’re going to claim it.

First cows of the 2012 spotting season

Fabian Cancellara – back in form perhaps with a sensational ride – finished fastest,  7 seconds ahead of favourite for Le Tour overall Bradley Wiggins and will start tomorrow in yellow, wearing it for the 22nd time in his career.  Wiggins rode the second half of the course in the same time as Cancellara though, so he’s really only strengthened his position as pre-race favourite. Sylvain Chavenel, Tejay Van Garderen (who will wear white tonight) and Edvald Boasson Hagen (“wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”) round out the top five, and my musical efforts for this stage.

Cowdel is 17 secs behind, and should be fairly happy with that, and I was a bit surprised, but pleased to see Old Man O’Grady managed to be within 12 secs of Spartacus.

If you’ve joined up to our fantasy league (and why haven’t you? – winner gets a LVDT T-shirt) I’ll share with you that our LVDT jersey supplier (you *knew* we had a jersey available, yes?) Michael’s team, ZannoX, is at number four OVERALL and we somehow forgot that Dave Za(brisket)ie is a vegan and included him in our team against our own rules.  To be in the running for a Les Vaches T-shirt sign up here, join the “Les Vaches du Tour” mini league with the password of “cowpat”.

And a final moment few will forget … whilst chatting about a statue of a diver that had been hidden away during the war and  fairly recently suspended over the river in Liège, the helicopter hovered … and our eagle-eyed correspondents noticed .. umm… this … which provided a nice counter-point to the erectile dysfunction ads being shown by SBS.



8 thoughts on “Prologue: Round-up

  1. jonowee says:

    Just to let you know, the couple near the diver statue, the nudies tag doesn’t apply. She’s wearing a white top and pink pants, and he’s wearing sand colour shorts and a black belt.

    But Za(brisket) is just letting more of our diary friends hang out in the fields longer.

    This post’s date is set as 07 May 2012 for some reason, it’s buried in the homepage.

    See ya LVDT team tonight.

    • Injera says:

      Thanks for the heads-up on the date! I’m definitely keeping Dizzy in the team… but I have managed to transfer Edvald Bovine Hagen in. I have great expectations!

  2. Craig says:

    Great start to the Tour cows, and some nice tweets! highlight for me was, in response to inane comment by commentator that “they had brought out there fast bikes for the time trial” was the discussion as to whether malvern stars or dragsters from our youth would have been quicker, whether red bikes were illiegal for going too fast and whether the rumours about Lance using an illegal red bike painted over in other coloured paint was in fact the real reason he was being investigated again. Looking forward to some countryside and cow sightings today!

    • Injera says:

      Such fun to be tweeting le Tour with you all! And I’m totally keying Lance’s bike if I ever get within striking distance, to uncover the real colour 😉

  3. splodge says:

    I’m so happy a friend sent me here…I saw the couple down there below the diver and the commentators didn’t say a word.


    No way on God’s green earth could I not say a word about a sight like that. Even sitting alone in the house I felt compelled to gabble about it.

    But the silence of the commentators meant that I have spent the last day and half questionning my sanity, wondering whether I’d seen such a thing or whether I really just need to get out more.

    Thankyou for restoring my confidence in my sanity.

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