Stage 4: Round-up

Much like poor Rupert Guinness, I missed all the action in the finish, not because of security problems, but because I … umm .. had a snooze. Wups. The post race interviews all seemed to centre on the high level of desperation amongst the riders, and the lack of respect for other teams leading to the many crashes we’re seen so far. I hope they settle themselves down soon for this is not a good thing for a 3 week bike race.  I guess after tonight when we start to hit mountain stages the sprinters should be a bit less “on edge”.

Arashiro from Team Europcar did his bit for his team owners, getting the lion’s share of the TV coverage whilst in the breakaway for a few hours.

Lotto did a fantastic job in bringing Gorilla Greipel home, but you have to wonder how much less room they might have had if Cav hadn’t crashed out. Very pleased to see Veelers cross in third – moooo!  Spartacus is still in yellow with Wiggo 7 secs behind him and Cowdel running 17 secs behind.

We join the race about halfway through its 200km, as the riders travel along the Normandy coast, where cliff tops alternate with beaches. Apparently this is the Alabaster Coast (#drink). After I visit Belgium I’m popping down here for a few days.

A very eagle-eyed member of team Vache saw this white blobs behind the church and typed “Vache” into twitter … as it’s the first sighting for the night I’m going to let it go – they’re cow shaped blobs ok? (must have a bigger tellie than me).

136 km

The weather was fine, which really wasn’t what we wanted in an area known for its vicious cross-winds. Lets be truthful, that’s why they mapped Le Tour through here, the Alabaster Coast (#drink!).

Tony Martin struggled through with his broken .. spfrangeel whatever bone in his wrist and we settled in for a night of arguing the finer details of how to pronounce Morkov ( we’re going with “more cow”)

Lots of lovely cows, together in small herds with their friends, watched on from beside the road.

(although some calls on closer inspection couldn’t be distinguished from hay bales …)

85.5km I’m going to go out on a limb and identify these beauties as INRA 95- a mix of Charolais, Blonde de Aquitaine, Limousine and Maine-Anjou, with a bit of Peidmontese and Belgium blue thrown in for good measure.


And we were treated to the site of two cows jogging alongside the riders for a small stretch. (I actually think the camera folk have a soft spot for the cows as well.) These two look a lot like Froment du Leon to me, an ancient breed from Brittany.


and last but not in the least bit least … a sign after our own heart.


Bob Seger serenaded us to footage of the beautiful Alabaster Coast (#drink!) known for its cross-wids to the tune of “Against The Wind”. We mixed it with kites, flash and wind farms.

“Out of Body, Out of Mind” – Smokin’ Joe Kubek and Bnois King

We got some more Muppets .. Mahna Mahna!

#trolldj trolled the poor old Rabobank mechanic with “Been a Long Time” by Wes Carr.

“Rain” by Creed scared us into thinking that there might be rain at the finishing line (but there wasn’t).

Field Art: Stage 4



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