Stage 5: Round-up

Well, well, well cow fanciers – what did you make of that long, virtually cow-less stage? It was the day the breakaway *almost* made it home, and there was yet another nasty crash within the last 3km.

The breakaway almost made it home, in my mind because the peloton just can’t seem to get itself very organised. Sky had it’s best stage yet but Cav couldn’t follow up his intermediate sprint action at the end of the race, but he was there. Cav, Goss and Renshaw riding for rival teams is not a sight I’m used to seeing yet.

Our lead up commentator Matty Keenan got a bit misty eyed recalling Nibblies track back through the peloton. He zigged, and zagged and slipped in between cars … sounded like Matty was wishing it was him out there. And Kittel, who hasn’t been well all tour finally packed it in.

Old man O’Grady led the pacemaking for much of the stage – cause you know, Jens did it yesterday. Right? And we were all “charmed” by Paul Sherwen’s use of the term The Magic of Television. 

Aussie rider fro Saxo Bank, Jonathan Cantwell was the unlucky rider who ended up against a wall following the crash that got up Tyler Farrar’s nose in the lead up to the finish. Broken and bruised Jonathan finished last of 194 riders, a slightly different position from yesterday’s sixth place.

And Lotto once again brought Greipel home at the end of a disciplined train.  Gossy sprinted all by himself and came over second, but he grabbed back a bit of time on Peter Sagan who was caught up in the crash.  No changes to the overall standings, but expect that to change really soon!

Now they’re what I call lead out trains.



@kellulz noted Vaches at 122.5, and I confirmed them when I scrolled back, but the demon PVR stole them so I have no picture. The only other sighting was at 70 km and was very, very fleeting.

On the left white blobs – yes them



Queen-Bicycle Race with video of wheels turning, pedals pedalling, pelotons … pelotonning

Crowded House – Now We’re Getting Somewhere with pics of the lead up to the intermediate sprint

The Zombies – Keep on Rolling

My Dynamite- – Singing Stormy Weather  with video of dark clouds threatening to spoil everyone’s fun

and a personal favourite of Les Vaches – Flight on the Conchords sang Foux da Fafa as riders ate their lunches (baguette?)

Tour De France 2012 Foux Du FafA-cut

Ou est le bibliotheque?
Voila mon passport,
ah, Gerard Depardieu
Baguette, Un baguette, ah, ha ha, oh oh, oh oh

Ba ba, ba ba bow
Foux du fafa, foux du fafa,
fafaFoux du fafa,
ah ee ahFoux du fafa,
foux du fafa, fafa
Foux du fafa, ah ee ah


And finally – the field art for this stage.

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