Stage 6: Round-up

So – well, we were all feeling a bit complacent about that stage weren’t we? Pancake flat, last chance for the sprinters to stretch their legs before the hills, not even a cross-wind to contend with.

Even #trolldj was in a relaxed, crowd pleasing frame of mind and gave us a redux re-edit of Cows With Guns.

(clip coming)

A large but basically unremarkable crash within the woods gave us a bit to talk about, but then – at 25km to go, there was a  problem.  A Frank Schleck delaying problem. A crash brought down half the peloton and took a long time to clear up. Frank is 2’43” behind the leaders and will find it awfully hard to make that up.

The sixth stage took us right through the middle of the Champagne district, and it was beautiful country side. Gabriel Gate started us off by, as InjeraRufus put it, cooking oysters twice more than they needed and then peloton cruised past fields of corn, sunflowers, and some cows.

The intermediate sprint saw Matty Goss cross first from the pack and make a few points on Sagan in the points competition, closing the gap between him and the new boy. Sagan was first over the line at the end of the race , followed by Greipel and Goss.  There is no change to the overall standing and Spartacus continues in yellow.  So GreenEDGE are almost getting there, again!

We got some lovely shots of cows besides the road, being a bit skittish with the helicopters close by. But Paul and Phil repeated the infamous behaviour that started all this cow blogging in the first place. I don’t think they are Friesians Paul, that’d be a Dutch breed.  I’m pretty sure these are Prim’Holsteins as described by Injera in the preview post for this stage.

There were quite a few sightings by our eagle eyed twitter brigade (follow @lesvachesdutour and tweet the km mark and #lvdt when you see cows eg @lesvachesdutour Vache! 76.5 #lvdt) some were definitely cows but a loooong way away.


91.8 km


47.4 km


47.2 km (note – cows sitting down and it’s NOT raining!)


#trollDJ gave us musical moments of great quality including:-


Take Me With You When You Go – Jack White with footage of the breakaway .. breaking away.

Cows with Guns (no explanation required surely!)

Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones along with video of heavy, ominous black clouds.

Biding my Time by Busby Marou as the peloton slowly but surely reigned in the breakies.


And now .. the mountains! Bring on the undulations lads!

Meanwhile – we’re awaiting the message from Cycling Central to be their cow experts for the remainder of the tour.


Field Art for this stage:


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  1. rusty says:

    Andy? isnt’ this 2012 and he has a broken pelvis?

    I know Frandy can be interchangeable, but that was definitely a Frank-type interview afterwards – “upset? why should I be upset? “

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