Rest Day: Round Up

Well technically yes – no cycling.  But this happened and we thought we should share.

The lovely folk at the Weekly Times, a rural newspaper in Victoria Australia, ran a little piece on us on Tuesday


Cow focus at Tour de France

July 10, 2012

A LOT of people watch the Tour de France for the scenery, but there are two individuals who watch it just to get a sighting of cows?

A couple of Australian bloggers have combined their love of cycling and cows in a website called Les Vaches du Tour or “the cows of the tour”.

Blogging under the names “Injera” and “Essjaymoo”, they write about the cattle they see on the tour coverage each night and the breeds of the region.

You get a few interesting breed facts, plus a discussion of the local cheeses made from said cows.

They also post pictures of the amazing paddock art along the route created by the local farmers’ groups.

Not a bad way to stop yourself from dozing off in front of the telly in the early hours of the morning.


The Weekly Times Pty Ltd Copyright © 2008

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