Stage 9: Round-up

The “Race of Truth” vs #tourdesnacks

Would we have enough snacks to see us through this time-trial stage?  Would we see any cows at all – or the same cows over and over again? Would Astana bring their shiny suits to the course this time? And of course – who’s golf-ball pitted helmet and super compression suit would reign supreme!

We begin our night’s viewing with a little peek at the goings on at Marcel Petite Comte – 35 kilo wheels of cheesy deliciousness. It’s fairly easy to get in Melbourne, look for the version with the Green Bell. At home we unpacked our snack packs, opened our bottles, foraged in the bottom of our musettes from last night and settled in for 3.5 hours or so of riding single, catching your “minute man” and finding interesting things to say as we passed the same spots time after time.

Spartacus rode a blinder which we thought was going to be the best for the day, until TJ really took it to him and went out very fast. Then Froome showed us (and probably Wiggo too) that he was more than up for the challenge, which Wiggo responded to by blowing everyone else away. Woah!  But how fast would Wiggins go without those obviously non-aerodynamic side burns?  We may never find out.

So Wiggins leads as we go into the rest day, with Cowdel 1:53 behind. Froome follows at 2:07 followed by Nibali and Menchov.  Peter Sagan retains the green jersey and Tejay Van Garderen is in white.

Next – the Alps, where we hope Cowdel can outshine Wiggo, and we’ll watch the King of the Mountain jersey competition hot up, currently held by Fredrik Kessiakoff, followed closely by Frome who is having an amazing Tour.

Sadly Matty Lloyd has retired with a broken elbow (ouch!).

Paul and Phil passed the time by quibbling over the pronunciation of Nibali … Paul using Nib_BAH_li and Phil favouring Nibbley. It almost got a bit nasty at one point.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long for us to be rewarded with some pics of a small group of cows standing in the river. alongside the course. Nice!

Thank you @hardcorecommute for the pic

I quite liked the setting for this TT  – many more cow sightings that we expected – but I didn’t like the actual course. It wasn’t technical enough to balance the Wiggins advantage. Still, that’s just me “Yelling for Cadel”; for the sake of the three week bike race it was probably a good choice.

I do think that the cow fancying thing is taking off a bit as the camera crews gave us a long lingering look and two lovely girls in the official field art paddock.

Thank you @hardcorecommute for the pic


and the crowd got behind the cow theme too…


Although some of us were a bit distracted by the all yellow skin suit being worn by Wiggo.  That lad is all skin and bones.  Hope he’s left enough meat on em to haul himself up the Alps.

No really .. skin and bones (and a sparkly anointment from above).

I think the new nick-name should be “chook” not “sticks”.

In the field art stakes we went from the sublime (unofficial art)


…to quite frankly – not the winner of the official competition I’m thinking (even with cows)

So how are you dealing with all the “Monday’s Experts” (except it’s every bleary morning at the moment) questioning your superiors’ knowledge about Le Tour around the water cooler? An Aussie wins something an all of a sudden everyone’s an expert. I of course just turn every conversation around to Les Vaches … “pay Wiggins v Cowdel – the really important thing is .. did you see those Montbéliarde beside the course at 75.6 last night?”. That usually shuts them up – what’s your technique?


3 thoughts on “Stage 9: Round-up

  1. jonowee says:

    TT routes usually look very boring, but wow with the footage of the group of cows by the river and that stunning field art of TT rider. I don’t knee if there is a field art competition, but that was just beautiful; the attention to detail and everything in prefect proportion.

    Sadly I’ve been struggling to stay awake during the tail end of the first week, les vache sighting was limited. Thank you Rest Day.

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  3. Michael says:

    Ahh, why did I stay up and watch the entire TT. Of all the stages they are the most boring (except of course the rest day.) Cadel losing all that time was made the bigger let down because of the excitement of the previous day’s Wimbledon/LeTour/MotoGP/F1 quad.

    Vive les vaches du tour.

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