Stage 11: Round-up

I think we have to give that set to Team Sky (to continue an analogy that may not go any further).

A bad day for Cowdel which I’m not sure he will be able to recover from – but as they say – anything can happen and it’s still a long way to Paris. The yellow wiggle didn’t have it all his own way though, appearing to struggle again at the end of the climb.  Best laid plans of Cowdel to attack and attack again all came to nought. It was a long way out from the finish that the first attack came (around 60km) and it ended up being too far out. I hate to sound like a hyper-patriotic Australian but I do wish there were a couple more tough climbs in the next few days, but there’s not. Then again – maybe I don’t. Maybe Cadel just isn’t as fit as he needed to be after that long rest from competition. And maybe the Pyrenees will sort Wiggo out. Who knows!  All I know is I have stocked up on snacks and wine and am looking forward to a weekend on the couch.

Anyways – on to more positive things. Something that you couldt’ help but notice is the changing of the guard.  Over the last 10 days they’ve ridden and we’ve noticed them: Sagan, Froome, TJ, Pinot  and Rolland. The next generation of Tour de France winners is looking pretty healthy for the Europeans.  They’ll probably need it after the years of non-natives at the top. Rolland was particularly impressive winning the stage after falling off his bike as he descended earlier in the day. Oooropcar must be happy with their team as well – two wins in two days but by the look of it Veau-cleur has done his dash as well.  Nibali is getting stronger and stronger as the race goes on. With the added advantage of not having to defend the yellow jersey and of being slightly under the radar, he’s showing that he has the legs and the head to win this tour. If his team is up to it he’ll be a serious contender.

So Wiggins is in yellow, Frome is 2:05 behind him in GC, closely followed by Nibali with Cadel 3:19 off the pace.

Unusually for Alpine stages we were treated to some lovely cows, and #trolldj included them in another montage. I really think #trolldj has called for the cows as well.

116.2 km


112 km Cows, cows as far as the eye can see!

Yes – the same cows – but these were courtesy of #trolldj and we wouldn’t want them to feel left out.

45.3 Surprise cows – I was checking a sign by the side of the road (turned out to be a black and white horse) when I noticed these guys hanging out.


You know – I’ve been loving #trolldj this year. The montages have been matched with much though to the tunes.  The tunes have been ace! And we’ve gone beyond guessing the song (too easy) to talking about the references. It’s been excellent.

“Mountains” – Biffy Clyro with fab footage of these beautiful Alps – and the bikes racing through them.

“You Can’t Always Get What You want” – Rolling Stones featuring footage of Cadel attacking, and attacking and attacking gain – bit heart breaking. (also 50th anniversary of the Stones first gig – nice one!)

“For Another Day” – The Living End – a slave to us poor Aussies perhaps?  On another day  – the result may be different.

“I Feel Better” – Gotye …. well someone sure was.

And last but not least, I can’t ignore the fact that Scotty Sunderland was in a totally non #trollshirt-ish black polo.

I think it’s time we sent them ALL LVDT t-shirts.

See you on the couch #teamvache!



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