Stage 13: Round-up

Oh I’m so conflicted!  Last night’s coverage gave us what I think was possibly the best cow spotting of the tour so far, with added bonus Paul Sherwen commentary. But it was the only cow spotting for this stage.  Does that make it a good stage for #TeamVaches or a bad stage?

The riders were cycling for almost 5 hours today, through some uninspiring scenery. Eventually Michael Morecow got bored with it too and sped away front he pack in an attempt to get to the finish and into the showers first. From 60 km out he battled alone, through cross winds that split the peloton and on his way up the Cat 3 climb at the end of the stage, only to be caught by the peloton and bumped.

Andrew Greipel took home his third stage win for this tour, closely followed by Peter Sagan and Edvard Boasson Hagen.

GreenEDGE didn’t have a very happy day at all, totally missing the intermediate sprint, and then Gossy was left behind on the slopes of Mont St Clair near the end of the stage. The consolation prize I guess was a #trolldj shout out to the tune of Green Limousine [I thought that might have been a shout-out to the Limousin cows we might see next week – Injera] and some fab pictures of the GreenEDGE lads having a better time of it.


I’ve listened to the recording a couple of times now and I reckon I can actually hear Paul Sherwen stalling for time until his computer reloads the Les Vaches du Tour preview post …

He finally identified those scary beasts (with their cute calves) as Camargue, but it seemed almost an accidental hit.

“Those cows that you can see down there by the way are the cows that are very well known in this region and they are the cows that are very much well cultivated in the region of the Camargue which is not too far away from here.” – Paul Sherwen Stage 13 2012 Tour De France, approx 91.5km to the finish.



I did get some light relief from one of the race referees having a go at the Liquigas team car, accusing them of drafting Peter Sagan back to the peloton following a flat tyre. Well I think that’s what they were saying – who even knows if they were speaking a language to each other that they both understood (apart from wide gesticulations of course).




  • Served up a little Piaf for Bastille Day, paired with fantastic shots of the some of the recent scenery, massifs, lakes, a few chateaux, French flags – you know the drill.
  • Bad Day by Daniel Power
  • Green Limousine by the Badloves for our GreenEDGE boys
  • 1-2-3 by Len Barry for the first three over the line [or for Greipel taking “candy from a baby” as he pipped baby Sagan at the post! – Injera].


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