Rest Day: Pau

Stage 15 seemed like a preliminary rest stage for viewers – the lack of tension in the race prompted Essjaymoo to instigate a late-night roll-call to make sure we hadn’t all nodded off. Still, we can’t be too critical. We’re all worn out from a couple of weeks of late nights; these guys have covered 2760.4km. A day off will do us all good.

It will also give us a chance to catch up on some of the news and discussion that we might have missed whilst focussing on the action of the day.

  • VeloNews has a story that will provide Paul Sherwen with another opportunity to talk about internal parasites – Chris Froome picked up bilharzia and the treatment sounds almost as horrendous as the affliction. You can take the boy out of Kenya…
  • There is also an item in the VeloNews Race Notes from stage 15 that some media cars have been banned from the race. Three were booted for speeding and one for “failing an alcohol test”. Unbelievable.
  • The AFR’s cycling section, with daily analysis of the stages, is worth a regular visit but you might not have caught up with the Tour Diary of Argos Shimano rider, Koen de Kort.
  • If you haven’t been following the Rêve Tour – a group of amateur women cyclists riding the 2012 Tour a day ahead of the pros – now is a great time to catch up. Stage updates are documented at Peloton Magazine.
  • The Inner Ring is always a good read – you’ll find detailed stage previews, background on how climbs are categorised, and much more – but today is a rest day so do something more… restful. Check out the review of Christopher Thompson’s book, The Tour de France.
  • Speaking of books, Treadlie suggests you check out Cycle Chic.

Essjaymoo and I enjoyed meeting the YarraBUG team at 3CR yesterday and we’ll put a link up to the podcast once it’s available. While we were there I said that people could find us by googling cows of the Tour and when I got home I thought I should just check that this was true. It is… but I also discovered that Rosie at Magic 1059 in South Australia is a fan. Thanks, Rosie!


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