Stage 15: Round-up

I guess you can blame me.

I was lucky enough to score a rest day of my own on Sunday night with Injera taking over the recap reins for the evening (thanks!). Today we’re back to my usual drivel and I guess I’m being punished by Le Tour Overseers as we experienced a very tedious stage. Very late in the telecast I did a twitter roll call and was really proud that some many of #TeamVache had hung in there to spot until the end of a seemingly interminable transition stage. If you haven’t joined us yet on twitter, follow us here and use the hashtag #lvdt plus a km mark when you spot cows, fake cows, men in cow pyjamas, cow patterned wellingtons …

Stage 15 brought us 158 kilometres of uneventful riding with the most interest coming from watching the breakway eventually form and go on ahead.  Six riders including Thomas Veau-ckler finished 15 mins ahead of the main pack with Frenchman Pierrick Fedrigo winning the stage ahead of Christian Vande Veal and Thomas Veau-ckler. Peter Sagan virtually has the green jersey packed into his carry-on luggage (next to his shoes) and Wiggo appears to have taken over the yellow Wiggle role for the next 12 months.

Cow-vendish wore his Champion of the World™ jersey with pride as he set the tempo and conquered the climbs much to my surprise I have to admit. I know there’s been a lot of talk about “wasting” Cav’s talents, but this is a team sport and, as hard as is it sometimes, the team’s objectives must have priority.

Six more abandons this stage including Brett Lancaster from GreenEDGE and we learned that there were more than 48 punctures during Stage 14 and we saw a carrot toting a banana.

We did however see quite a few Vache.

104 km

92.4 completely unfazed by riders cycling past

92.4 close up madam! Blondes I reckon

and another entry in the official field art competition

however I much preferred the “escargot” which Matty Keenan lovingly  described as a bunch of hay bales… hmmm.



  • “Hold Your Head Up” – Zombies showing us footage of Cadel – damn straight!
  • There were calls for #trolldj to match some of the “slow down” hand signals from Team Sky to the music of YMCA, but instead we got a quick visual take on cycling tactics to “I Will Survive”. The breakies taking on drinks, Team Sky shutting down the peloton and Sorensen working like mad to make it across that break (earning himself the Most Combative Rider award for his efforts).
  • “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book with anther fabulous #trolldj montage special – Cows, horses, ducks, cows, horses, horses, dogs in bike baskets, cows, horses, cows and cows! (Hope to have a clip of it soon.)
  • Voodoo Child by the Rogue Traders was reserved for celebrating Peter Sagan’s amazeballs skillz

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