Have you been paying attention?

We’ve listened to many hours of Phil Liggett’s and Paul Sherwen’s commentary over the course of this Tour and have probably learned a little bit more about certain competitors than we might have needed – or even wanted – to. It would be such a pity to let all that newly acquired knowledge go to waste, so here it is: the 2012 Tour de France quiz.

Email your answers to us by 8:30pm AEST tomorrow (Wednesday 25 July). The winner will be the first person with a 100% correct entry OR the person with the highest score should some of these questions stump you all.  The winner will receive a bottle of Domaine Bellegarde Jurançon Sec “La Pierre Blanche” 2006 provided by our supporters, DiscoverVin.


  • What is the relationship between Radioshack DS Alain Gallopin and rider Tony Gallopin?
  • How many kids does Jens Voigt have?
  • Why did Fabian Cancellara withdraw from the 2012 Tour?


  • Where was Chris Froome born?
  • Where was Bradley Wiggins born?
  • What was the nationality of Wiggins’ father?


  • How old is Jens Voigt?
  • How old is Peter Sagan?
  • Which Velits twin is older?

Tour History

  • On which climb did 2010’s “Chaingate” occur?
  • What happened to Sandy Casar on stage 18 in the 2007 Tour?
  • How many Tours de France has George Hincapie ridden?
  • How many British riders have won the Tour de France?


  • According to the wisdom of Paul Sherwen, where should you always ride in the peloton?
  • Where in the peloton does David Moncoutié prefer to ride?
  • How many kilometres will it take the peloton to chase down a breakaway with a 4 minute lead?


  • What is the shape of the chainring on Bradley Wiggins’ TT bike?
  • Whose bike did Peter Sagan ride to win the Slovak championship?

The burning questions

  • What was the breed of the dog involved in the Philippe Gilbert accident in stage 18?
  • How much did the dog weigh?
  • Which bone did Tony Martin fracture?
  • Name a mountain biker in the peloton.
  • How did Tejay van Garderen learn Dutch?
  • Which syllable did Phil emphasise when saying “Vinokourov” in 2012?
  • How many different pronunciations of Nibali did Phil and Paul use this tour? (Spell them out phonetically)
  • In what should you pack your courage?



10 thoughts on “Have you been paying attention?

  1. Craig says:

    oh les vaches! You crack us up! We should have paid more attention its a nice prize!! Thanks for allowing us to sponsor you again this year! How many more sleeps?

  2. Puggle01 says:

    I can’t believe I retained so much! Thank lvdt we had a ball & can’t wait till next tour! (are you doing les vaches de olympics?)

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