Olympic cows?

The Road Races are early on in the Olympic Games, which is just as well for for two reasons. First, most of us have recent training in late nights so the schedule shouldn’t tax us too much. Second, I doubt there’s another event on the Olympic calendar that offers the chance of cow spotting. When we first checked out the race route it struck us that if there were cows the Dorking Cockerel wouldn’t get such a prominent spot on the map. Fortunately other members of Team Vaches noted a couple of significant landmarks missing from the official paraphernalia so we decided to create a map that was more in line with our focus. This is a work in progress – we’ll continue to update it so if you think we’ve missed an important feature, let us know in the comments.

Click to view a larger version of the London 2012 Road Race map.

Thanks to Dan and Alain for your input.

The Men’s 250km race begins on Saturday at 10.00am local time (7.00pm AEST). Riders head down to Richmond and take the western route via Teddington, then down through Shepparton, Ripley, Gomshall and Dorking before hitting the Box Hill loop. The start list is here.

The Women’s 140km race starts at noon on Sunday (9.00pm AEST) and follows the same route as the previous day’s racing, however the women complete 3 laps of the Box Hill loop to the men’s 9. The start list is here.

If you’re planning on being at the race, check out the Cycling Weekly map for information on transport connections.



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