We have a winner!

It’s clear you really were paying attention! I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you were relying on recordings of Phil-and-Paul’s ruminations to lull you off to sleep in this post-Tour week.

We had an early bid for the Green Jersey from MG, who submitted his answers a mere 16 minutes after the quiz went live, however the lead-out train wasn’t perfectly positioned and a couple of errors were detected. We had a lot of people missing out by the merest whisker (those Velits twins! That heavy dog! Those pesky Kazakhstani syllables!), but congratulations to the person submitting the first 100% response…


Not only were all answers correct, but they were entertaining as well. Drop us an email with your address and we’ll have the wine in the post before you can say Nibali*.

In fact, many of you had me laughing at the answers, which made the task of reading through them all a lot more fun than it otherwise would have been. Apologies to all who mourned the absence of a Roche question and chapeau to all of you who played along.

Here are some of my favourite answers:

What is the relationship between Radioshack DS Alain Gallopin and rider Tony Gallopin?

  • Alain is Tony’s Uncle, or Tony is Alain’s Nephew, but neither are related to Stephen Roche. @hhhneil

How many kids does Jens Voigt have?

  • Six Children however we are all created from his loins @SkillsyOz

Where was Chris Froome born?

  • Chris was born in Kenya. Kenya’s capital is Bilharzia, according to Paul, or perhaps it’s their national export. @hhhneil

How old is Jens Voigt?

  • The Jensie was usually 40 during the tour, but according to Phil he was 41 during his breakaway on the Champs Elysees @hhhneil
  • 40 years of age, although when P&P got into the sherry, he had aged up to 41 @ButteredFrog
  • As old as the world he created and 40 at lay person terms @SkillsyOz

Which Velits twin is older?

  • There was a mix up at the hospital and they dropped one as the other popped out. Martin on a technicality and degree of difficulty of 5.8 with a double pike turn @SkillsyOz

According to the wisdom of Paul Sherwen, where should you always ride in the peloton?

  • According to the wisdom of Sherwin you should always ride at the front of the peloton, in the first 30 riders. Unfortunately due to maths and physics this leaves 100+ riders with a spatial-temporal conundrum. @visibleprocrast

What was the breed of the dog involved in the Philippe Gilbert accident in stage 18?

  • A big black … Pyrenean Mountain Dog? I can’t agree with P&P on this as the dog is clearly black and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is white. It seems that we may have to settle with “large black dog”. @visibleprocrast
  • Are you sure it was a dog – they all claim it was as big as a pony! 🙂 And it was black, and furry… and rather cute to be honest @Bourbondini

How much did the dog weigh?

  • 50kg (in comparative terms; more than Sammy Dumoulin) @visibleprocast

In what should you pack your courage?

  • A suitcase, or in a pinch a manbag will do @hhhneil
  • A suitcase and not the handbag of doubt @SkillsyOz

= = = = = = = = = = =

*Well, before you can exhaust all the possible ways of saying “Nibali”.



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