Eneco Tour stage one: round-up

I had no confidence that we would see cattle this early in the Eneco Tour. In fact, when I saw Carrie’s tweet this morning I read it as a greeting. I switched on the recording and settled in for the Return of Contador. The racing seemed a bit relaxed and I was pleased I’d decided to time-shift my viewing. At around 82km to go was a group of schapen and, shortly afterwards, a group of cows. Quite possibly some bovian, which Kranky Kids tells me is a recently developed crossbreed.

Image: Kranky Kids

The weather for the first part of the race was dire – or “grizzly”, as Carlton Kirby preferred to say – and the pace of the peloton meant that the Eurosport coverage dropped out before the race was even in its final 40km. Fortunately, there’s always twitter.

There were koeien!

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