Koeien van de Eneco Tour: round-up

Seeing cows in every stage of the Eneco Tour has prompted me to consider adding some time in Belgium and the Netherlands to the 2013 Tour itinerary. Here’s what the Eurosport coverage brought us over the past seven days.

Shortly after this, the BMC team crashed. CJ raised the possibility that the smudge above one of the cows might, in fact, be the plume of a smoking gun… Cows with Guns. We know they’re out there.

Some sightings were clear…


…whilst others were a bit sketchy.


Patience was rewarded.

Squint at the blobs just above the “pause” symbol and I think you’ll agree that we have some Lakenvelder.

These guys welcomed the breakaway.

Thanks, Carrie, for alerting me to the final stage’s bovine riches.

That’s it for the Eneco Tour. Lars Boom (Rabobank), with his second place finish in the final stage, took the white jersey of the overall winner. Radioshack’s Nizzolo won the points classification and de Vreese of Topsport Vlaanderen-Mercator was awarded the Combative prize. Luke Durbridge finished fifth overall, just behind Contador who showed that we can look forward to a good performance from him in the Vuelta (although he might want to ease back in the opening Team Time Trial).

The Vuelta a España starts on Saturday. You thought the Tour de France was tough? Eurosport is advertising a 2.45am start for the first stage. Ouch. I think there’ll be significant time-shifting.


3 thoughts on “Koeien van de Eneco Tour: round-up

  1. rusty says:

    Belgium and Holland are flat as pancakes. And with countryside to match (unadorned pancakes, I mean, not yummy fillinged ones). If you must go to Belgium – and I don’t recommend it after France – avoid the “countryside” and smaller towns and head for the capital. Likewise the Nederlands, unless you take the bovine lifestyle really, really seriously and feel the need to immerse yourself in it.

  2. carrie osmo says:

    WoooooHoooooooooo so looking frorward to the Vuelta. I am looking forward to this race looks so much more exciting than the TDF – I am so sick of “Tempo Riding” (TR = total rubbish) and am hoping for great things from Alberto and Christopher, Just sorry Andy hasn’t got the form to give ’em somstick on the steeper ramps. Maybe Rockin’Rodriqez, Gessink and Uran will keep it hot to trot. This is the best starting line-up for yonks and not even got all the teams yet!!
    Looking forward to the bovril and bovine teats I’m sure you will share. Thanks for amusing me – it doesn’t take much – snd expecting more through the entire Vuelta!

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