Moo-rry Christmas

There’s only a little over 27 weeks to go before the 100th edition of the Tour de France. It’s probably a bit early to start training in earnest for the late nights, but… ’tis the season where you might need to look on the bright side of the bleary mornings. Call it pre-season, or something.

Anyway, whatever you are celebrating at this time of year, take the advice of Spotlight Christmas and celebrate with a cow.

Christmas Cow


Image: Wallsave

2 thoughts on “Moo-rry Christmas

  1. Eha says:

    A heap of all the Christmas/New Year wishes printed on every card you see: seriously trust all who have to do with this wonderful publication at the ‘wrong’ end of the year do manage a funfilled Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year! NOW, how can you begin too early in the 100th year? Cows: well, yes, in a way! Cadel: oh sheesh, this is important for him and for us and let us say our prayers – the darling guy looked ‘awfully’ serious on his recent Channel 10 apperance – so DO hope he can deal himself the card he most desires and make all of us thrilled at the same time!!!!

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