Les Vaches des Classiques



Image: Kranky Kids

It’s time to fire up your inner DS with a fantasy cycling team. Velogames is running a competition covering the great one-day races and it all kicks off tomorrow with the Milan-San Remo. As a way of indulging my competitive side there is a mini-league for fans of the cows. Set up a team and join in the fun, using the league code 15003318.

This is what you’ll be up against:

  • Tom Moonen
  • Mark Cowvendish
  • Sylvain Cowvanel
  • Mooreno Mooser
  • Thomas Veauckler
  • Simmental Gerrans
  • Cowlos Betancow
  • Cowen de Kort
  • Tom Jelle Slagter (the butcher, natch)
  • Michael Morecow
  • Michal Kwiatkowski
  • Frederik Veauchelen

The LVDC team is, naturally, selected from our favourite cow-named riders which has proven in the past to be a poor basis for team selection. Yet I persist… you need not!

There’s bragging rights (and a t-shirt) in it for the winning DS.

Podium Cafe has a race preview up – who’ll be joining me for negronis early on Monday morning?



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