Critérium du Dauphiné – whetting the appetite for the Tour

Stage five of the Dauphiné followed part of the route we will see in stage 19 of the Tour, albeit in the other direction, and it gave us plenty of reasons to look forward to July. We saw a courageous day in yellow from Rohan Dennis, who will wear the white jersey in stage six. We got a glimpse of the forthcoming Froome-Contador rivalry won convincingly by Froome in this encounter, who almost gave us Kermit Arms in celebration. And we were treated to a wealth of cows.

Stage 5a

First glimpse


An abondance taking an interest

Team Vaches was as reliable as ever in pointing out cow sightings.

Stage 5 tweets 1

Stage 5b

Not that interested in the Sky train…

Stage 5 tweets 2

Stage 5c

Tarantaise, perhaps?

Once again, thanks to all the people tweeting and screen-grabbing cows. Team Vaches’ form for the upcoming Tour is looking extremely good – I’ll need you to be sharp in July as I’ll be either roadside or trying to make sense of French broadcasts!

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