One week to go

Team rosters are being announced daily and whilst we will miss seeing some of our favourite riders contest the flat stages (no Moonen), rally their teams (no Bernie) and fill out a skin suit (no Cowncellara), there’s a lot to look forward to. Naturally we want to see Cowbell Evans doing well and I’ve had a special affection for Andy Schleck ever since he expressed a desire to make a bovine transformation. Cowntador should be cownted on to bring the attacks to Froome, who will have the wonderful, wonderful Bovine-Bison-Hagen in his corner. Let’s not forget Cowvendish in the points competition.

Of course, if all else fails, there are the vaches! We will be at the finish in Montpellier and Tours, and then pretty much following the Tour in our little rented car from Lyon onwards. Our itinerary gives us the chance to preview the Brittany stages, so I hope to be able to advise of potential vache-tastic viewing ahead of time.

Team Vaches was on the ball as usual this week, drawing attention to the excellent news that cows had been spotted during Garmin-Sharp’s alpine recons.

Vache HQ is currently in Barcelona and desperately trying to make on-the-road connectivity happen – everything is crossed that the mobile hotspot will suddenly start playing nice. Today we are visiting the pro-cyclists’ favourite base, Girona, and next week it’s France.



Image: Ryder Hejsedal

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