National champions

British National Champion, Mark Cowvendish

British National Champion, Mark Cowvendish

Image: Road Cycling UK

Yesterday was a big one on the European racing calendar: the national road race champions were decided across the continent. While I siesta’d, Twitter tickered along with race updates and results. The full list of winners is here on Peloton Watch, but I wanted to take a pre-Tour de France minute to acknowledge all the cow-related champions (and there were many!), some of whom we will see wearing their new colours in Corsica in a few short days.

  • France: Arthur Vache-oh
  • Greece: Ionnis Ta-moo-ridis
  • Netherlands: Johnny Moo-gerland
  • Poland: Michael Quit The Cow-ski
  • United Kingdom: Mark Cow-vendish

It looks as though the Omooga Farmers will be the pre-eminent cow team in this year’s Tour, with both of their national road champions in the team along with Veal-its, the Slovak TT champion.  Speaking of which… don’t forget to join the LVDT Fantasy League on Velogames (code 15165543). If you’ve already entered, keep an eye on team announcements to make sure you have the strongest possible squad.

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