Stage 2: Bastia > Ajaccio

It’s up, up and up (and dooooooooown, then up) on today’s 156km stage. Perhaps Kittel might fight to cross the sprint point at 33km first, but it’s unlikely he’ll be first across the line in Ajaccio after the four categorised climbs test the peloton. The summit of the Cat 3 Col de Bellagranajo comes at the 70km mark. There’s a descent before the Cat 3 climb to the Col de le Serra; the Cat 2 Col de Vizzavona climb starts with nary a pause. A long downhill follows, but there is a final Cat 3 climb of the Côte de Salario just over 10km before the finish and, whilst short, it has an average gradient of 8.9%.

We are still in Corsica and I very much doubt that they’ve developed an affinity for l’affinage de fromage de vache since yesterday. I’m sure the race organisers will have cleared cows from the road, but who knows? This was taken near the finish town of Ajaccio:


Image: Tom Fiorina

Remember the part where the cows were set free because of changes to farm subsidies? They were intended to prop up veal production, so here’s a Corsican veal dish to keep you warm tonight. Cook it to honour the white jersey.

Veal with olives (Veal à la Corse)


One thought on “Stage 2: Bastia > Ajaccio

  1. Craig says:

    Last night some of team discovervin drove from Bastia to Calvi. This road very rarely flat or straight , and forms part of today’s stage. The course was well decorated with flags and bunting and a vaste amount of Corsican independants graffiti. Bilingual signs had French words crossed off . Instead of Allez Caddel painted on the road it was “Corse is not French” . This sll stopped as soon as we left the course!(The mainland french told us “let them be independant ! Our taxes are subsidising the Corsican economy”). Seems like the Corsican independance movement is well organised in getting out their message during the Tour.

    Anyway we arrived in the most beautiful country house. Its sunny and warm and there is one of Corsica’s best rose producers next door! Quel domage!

    Oh yes and well as the anti-French graffiti we saw lots of road furniture, , some narrow tight turns and bridges ( ponto Vecchi!!! Oh la la) and dashing across the road in front of us was a total of 4 cats, one dog, a skinny wild looking cow and a black boar!! Good luck riders!!

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