Stage 2: Round-up

The good news was that, despite a number of crashes in the opening stage, no rider missed the start of stage two. Whilst no doubt relieved that the suspected collarbone fracture wasn’t found, Tony Martin probably found the diagnosis of “a concussion and a contusion on his left lung… soft tissue damage on his hip, chest, left knee and shoulder… [and] a very deep wound 5cm wide on his left elbow” to have at least garnered him a cert for a couple of days in front of the TV. Alas, that’s not how this game works.

A frenzied race for the finish… and that was just Monsieur Vache and I trying to reach Carcassonne in time for live pictures.

Tomorrow’s stage starts with Bakelants in the maillot jaune. Kittel doesn’t return to the Argonaut kit immediately, as he leads the points competition. Pierre Rollands did it for Europcar and France -not necessarily in that order – for the dots, and the cow that just won’t quit will wear the white jersey.

In our mini-Tour, I have unilaterally decided to scrap jerseys as M Vache leads in all classifications by virtue of being the one with the satnav. In Fantasy League news, Miss Meow has a narrow lead over Enrico666. Congratulations!

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