Stage 11: Round-up

The Vache tour of the Loire valley continued today and, I have to be honest, if there’d been a sag wagon on the horizon I’d have flagged it down and hitched a ride. Perhaps it’s mid-tour fatigue. Perhaps it was knowing that, even though we’d spent the night in the petit-est chambre in the chateau, it was still grander than any lodgings we’d had to date or would have again. Perhaps it was the saddle on the rental bike, the manufacturers of which should be charged with – at the very least – wanton cruelty. Perhaps it was passing through the Most Beautiful Village In France early on in the day’s stage and having nothing but a nuclear power plant, a shadeless, shoulderless road and a headwind to look forward to. At any rate (let’s be honest, it was sloooooow) we reached our Auberge by early afternoon and prioritised the bar over the TV in our stuffy room.

Fortunately we had internet in the bar so we knew what was going on in both the cricket and the Tour and when to head back upstairs for the final time triallists.

A time trial and the Ashes at the same time. How focussed can we possibly be?


Image: The Guardian

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