Stage 16: Round-up

Armed with very helpful map put together by the Département de Vaucluse, M Vache and I set off in our Ooropcar to see our first start for the Tour. Our hotel manager had explained about parking à Sablet and navettes gratuites, but we decided to head straight for Vaison-la-Romaine and take our chances with the free parking in town (also marked on the map). Our sat-nav lady had conniptions as we headed dangerously off-road at the behest of a friendly parking marshall and soon we were headed down the Rue Piège à Touristes, past pop-up stalls and buskers, towards the Village.

People were crowded around a place that seemed to contain… nothing at all. We walked past them into a crush of more people and decided to try a back way to the start. Easy.



Image: M Vache




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