Stage 21: Versailles > Paris Champs-Élysées

It’s the final stage. Froome has this one all wrapped up by a looooooong margin, so he’ll be sitting pretty with his champagne as the peloton rolls towards Paris from Versailles. He’ll have to wait a while for it, though, as the 100th edition’s last hurrah won’t leave the Palace until 5.45 and isn’t expected to cross the finish line until 9.30pm. Grand news for those of us lucky enough to be in the timezone, but for viewers in Australia the prospect of a brutally rather than just very late night when the stakes are minimal will be hard to get motivated for.

Even harder, when the chances of vaches are also minimal. It’s been a while since Marie-Antoinette had her hobby farm, The Queen’s Hamlet, at the Palace. Perhaps that’s why we were given Jersey Vaches at the end of the last stage? The decapitated Queen’s farm is long gone, but there is still a herd in the vicinity – 16km south – at the Ferme de Coubertin, where you can also pick up some of their cheese. Have a look at their website for some pictures of their animals (not just cows, but goats, wee piglets and a stately dog) and a recipe for a cheese and cherry tomato tart. It’s goat’s cheese, but after the vaches en maillots last night I’m prepared to overlook it.

9329208342_4033eb11d4_bImage: AlfyG


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