Le Tour de France 2014 – the quiz

For three weeks, we watched as some of the world’s best road cyclists traversed France and beyond through rain, rain, rain, and even a few slivers of sunlight. Was ours the easy job? Well, we didn’t have to battle the elements, ride on after horrendous crashes or climb mountains, but we did have to face something the pro peloton was shielded from: maintaining sanity in the face of hours of sometimes bizarre commentary.

Our efforts needn’t have been in vain, though. There’s always the chance to put this knowledge to use by attempting the LVDT quiz. There will be a prize for the winner! Entries close Monday at 8.30pm AEST. Email your responses by then and let’s see which fan reigns supreme!

    How many Sundays are there in the Tour de France?
    Where should you ride in the peloton?
    What is the nickname of this year’s winner?
    Which city is he from?
    How old is Jens Voigt?
    How old is Chris Horner?
    When the race started, who was the youngest rider?
    How many kids does Jens have?
    Why was Stephen Roche mentioned with such frequency?
    Which stage saw Nibs v gormless-selfie-taker?
    According to the Ps, what was the biggest challenge (for fans) in the opening stage?
    What is remarkable about the walls in Yorkshire?
    What do you think was portrayed in the unseen field art of the school kids (provide a description or image)?
    What causes picture breakup?
    What does the number beside place names denote?
    Match the rider and birthplace: Voeckler/Reza Guadeloupe/Martinique
    What does a peloton never do?
    How many times has Tony Martin won the World Time Trial championship?
    Which ministries did the Ps award to Voeckler?
    Was our roadside pachyderm an Asian or African elephant?
    Which nation was represented for the first time?
    What was that riders nickname?
    Where did he finish?
    What was the theme for this year’s field art?
    What does a cyclist carry in his suitcase?
    If he wasn’t a pro cyclist, what would Tommy Voeckler be?
    What key possession did airport security confiscate from Kittel?

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