One more sleep…

Apart from making sure you get a decent night’s sleep tonight, there are probably a couple of things you could do, and some things you might like to read.

First of all, if you want to join the LVDT mini-league on Velogames, you have until 14:00 CEST tomorrow (which I calculate as being about 10:00pm AEST, but I could be wrong) to do so. Use code 27074349.

If you have already joined the mini-league, welcome aboard! You can still make changes to your team, right up until the entry deadline above. Is Romain Bardet close enough to Bazardais to sneak into my vache-y team? I say it is.

Finally, here are some links to previews, opinions, advice and more ahead of the start of this year’s race.

Here’s hoping these aren’t the only Dutch cows we’ll see:


 Image: Aelbert Cuyp [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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