Tour de France 2015 – The Quiz

It’s been nearly a week – how much can you remember? The quiz will close in a week, on Saturday August 8th at 5.00pm. Send answers via the contact form. Bonne chance!

  1. In the excitement of the stage 1 time trial, where were Australian fans said to be sitting?
  2. Does Marcel Kittel only use Alpecin because they sponsor his team?
  3. Whose hair is a better gauge of weather conditions at the finish: Robbie’s or Mike’s?
  4. According to Paul, what does everybody want to be when they grow up?
  5. How can you differentiate between the Yates twins?
  6. Which province is the hotbed of cycling?
  7. What euphemism did the Ps use to refer to JC Péraud’s exposed bits in stage 13?
  8. Speaking of shorts, why did Rohan Dennis choose black shorts for some stages?
  9. How did Valverde end up with torn shorts in stage 6?
  10. What was the punchline to Paul Sherwen’s hilarious stage 6 joke?
  11. Which alliterative adjectives did the Ps use to describe the four GC favourites?
  12. What is the 10th largest port in the world?
  13. Which past champion was mentioned ad nauseum during stage 3 and why?
  14. In a team time trial, which rider do they take the time from?
  15. Is Tejay a pilot fish or a goldfish?
  16. How did Geraint Thomas say he would respond when the doctors asked his name after the stage 16 crash?
  17. How did the Ps refer to Warren Barguil from stage 17 onwards?
  18. What did Phil think this field art was?Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 3.21.12 pm
  19. As best you can, try to reproduce the way Paul Sherwen says “Département”.
  20. Who was the oldest rider in the Tour this year and how old was he?
  21. Simplify the following Sherliggettisms:
  • in the descendancy
  • surgical interventions
  • a southerly direction
  • the dampness has disappeared
  • hectometres
  • the team of Chris Froome
  • sterile gap
  • job of work
  • the outskirts of time
  • the Alpine mountains

Bonus question: if you were given a choice between having a dollar (AUD) every time the Ps mentioned the Roches, a Euro every time they mentioned Merckx, or a Swiss Franc every time they said “undulating”, which would you choose?

3 thoughts on “Tour de France 2015 – The Quiz

  1. Mary-Anne Camp says:

    What a fun quiz! I probably would only get about 60% right, despite watching each stage. Can’t wait until next year.

  2. rusty says:

    1. On the edge of their BBQ’s, grilling their bums.

    2. NO, he likes it cos it makes his hair thick. Goes with his brain.

    3. Mike’s of course. Robbie’s looks perfect at all times. Probably an implant.

    4. Dunno. An ex-mountain-bike rider? Sean Yates?

    5. One forgets to shave each day.

    6. Brittany is a hotbed. It’s so cold otherwise, the locals have to do something.

    7. His manparts?

    8. Poor Rohan. Supposedly for his saddle sores, but maybe he really had the trots.

    9. He and Thibot Pinot went handbags at each other?

    10. Puffins?

    11. Pass on this one. P&P have a somnolent effect on me.

    12. Not Richie Porte, obviously. Pass on this one. P&P have a somnolent effect on me.

    13. Stephen Roche, cos his son Nicholas is one of the few riders Paul Sherwen recognizes.

    14. From the fifth over the line

    15. Depends on whether he is going uphill or not, gasping.

    16. By pretending to be Chris Froome

    17. Pass on this one. P&P have a somnolent effect on me.

    18. an aeroplane? Pass on this one. P&P have a somnolent effect on me.

    19. De-party-month

    20. Actually Matteo Tosatto, 41. but Paul kept going on about Peraud at 38, so I thought that’s who it was oldest.

    a. descending
    b. bandages
    c. windy
    d. dry
    e. 100m
    f. Skybots
    g. empty
    h. work of job
    i. too late
    j. Alps

    22. Swiss Franc – more undulations than old rider mentions

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