Stage 19: Embrun > Salon-de-Provence

How do we feel about a 222.5km transitional stage right now? Yeah, I thought so… In the words of the Race Guide:

This is a long stage. Fatigue is also going to be a factor…

Any members of the couch peloton who make it through to the end – and by through, I mean no micro-naps! – deserve a place on the podium.

It’s not renowned vache-country, either. We’re more likely to spot moutons. We start in the department we finished in yesterday, so if you want to try the tourtons from stage 28, give them a go. Rusty adapted the recipe for her snacks last night, and they looked fabulous.


Image: mativity

Alternatively, if you are after something beefy, Bouches-du-Rhône offers Alouettes Sans Têtes. Don’t be put off by the name, they are not actually headless larks. They are stuffed beef rolls and they sound quite tasty.

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