Stage 20: Marseilles > Marseilles

It’s come to this. A 22.5km time trial through Marseilles with no chance of vaches. This must be why TrollDJ decided that it was now or never for Cows with Guns in stage 19.

In keeping with the vache-less theme, the local cheese is a goats cheese: Brousse du Rove. According to Cooks Info

There are no exact regulations as to how the cheese must be made… Brousse du Rove can be used in a savoury dish such as an omelette, or treated as a sweet and eaten drizzled with fruit syrup. It is often eaten just sprinkled with sugar.

Cheese anarchy! Seems oddly fitting…

And I couldn’t not post this amazing image from stage 18. A number of people tweeted about seeing somebody watching the race on cowback, and I honestly thought the late nights were getting to them. Nope.


Image: Tim De Waale


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