Stage two: round-up

Round and round and round they went.  Round and round and nary a cow to be seen.

No real cows, that is.  Thanks to Les Agriculteurs des Essarts, we were treated to this splendid sight as almost every team passed by:

Fortunately our commentators were willing to overlook any negative environmental impact of this display, however Phil did seem perplexed by the idea of an animal so happily offering its meat.

Thanks to all our twitter cowrespondents who enthusiastically tweeted news of this vache!

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Stage one: round-up

As suspected, we didn’t get a lot of cow action during the opening stage.  The few sightings were brief and very much in the background, with the exception of the display put on by the Agriculteurs de Vendée at the 94km mark.  Their cow was, however, sculptural.

Despite the effort these farmers had gone to with their display, Phil and Paul were less than impressed.  They felt that the use of the vehicles animating the wheels of the bike undermined the Tour’s green credentials. Sheesh – lighten up, guys!

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