Stage 3: Olonne sur Mer > Redon

Tonight we enter Brittany, which is famous for calvados, cider, galettes… but we should be able to spot some cows, too.

In particular, look out for the Pie Rouge des Plaines.  This striking red pied dairy breed was developed fairly recently in Brittany from the Amoricaine, and has outstripped its progenitor in popularity, with more than 25,000 of the Pie Rouge to the Amoricaine’s 300.

Pie Rouge des Plaines

Brittany might not have an AOC cheese to its name, but that is not to say that there is no cheese here. Some of it is even made from cow’s milk, which is also used to make lait ribot, a fermented milk drink, often consumed with the aforementioned galettes.  Butter is important to Breton cuisine (not that low/no salt stuff, either) so perhaps you could keep one eye on the Tour action and one on the creation of this Breton Butter Cake.  After all, we’ll still be in Brittany tomorrow, so you can eat it then.  Come on – how can you resist a recipe that calls for “an outrageous amount of butter”!