Stage 9: Round-up

The “Race of Truth” vs #tourdesnacks

Would we have enough snacks to see us through this time-trial stage? ¬†Would we see any cows at all – or the same cows over and over again? Would Astana bring their shiny suits to the course this time? And of course – who’s golf-ball pitted helmet and super compression suit would reign supreme!

We begin our night’s viewing with a little peek at the goings on at Marcel Petite Comte – 35 kilo wheels of cheesy deliciousness. It’s fairly easy to get in Melbourne, look for the version with the Green Bell. At home we unpacked our snack packs, opened our bottles, foraged in the bottom of our musettes from last night and settled in for 3.5 hours or so of riding single, catching your “minute man” and finding interesting things to say as we passed the same spots time after time.

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