Stage 6: Dinan > Lisieux

And so today we cross over from Brittany to Normandy, named for the Viking settlers of the 9th Century.  Home of delicious, complex, fragrant Normandy Farmhouse Cider and site of the D-day landings during World War II.

Normandy is dairy cow heaven. Norman cheeses include CamembertLivarotPont l’ÉvêqueBrillat-SavarinNeufchâtelPetit Suisse and Boursin; and their butter and cream is high quality.  The cows of Normandy  are beautiful beasts, and I’d say that even if they weren’t believed to be descended from Vikings.  Their milk is rich and high fat and they are the third most popular dairy cow in France. They also produce fine, marbled meat.


Vaches Normandes – source Wikipedia used under Wikipedia Commons


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