Rest Day: Mâcon

Today is the first of two rest days, giving us the chance to get some perspective on the first ten days of racing. Despite the often apocalyptic build-up to last night’s time trial there is still a lot of racing to do. I’m sure the guys who will be doing the work know this; they know that the remainder of the race isn’t just about resigning themselves to their current place and fighting it out over stage wins. They will also no doubt be rolling their legs over despite it being a day of rest and my advice is to take some guidance from the pros. You don’t need to stay up until the wee hours, but remember: you’ve spent a week getting into the new rhythm. Watch the highlights on SBS at 10.00PM AEST, perhaps catch up on some of the videos on Cycling Central, and think about getting a slow braise on that will fortify you over the coming nights.

The Tour caravan will be spending the day in Mâcon, which is about 60km from Charolles, the capital of the old Charolais district.  I would like to say that it remains “the centre of trade” in the eponymous cattle, however that particular note in Wikipedia was from the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition.  It is possible things have changed since 1911.  Still, we’ve a good chance of spotting some when the race starts up again tomorrow.

Charolais in Australia

Image: Boongalla Organics Australia

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