Fantasy League Standings – post Milan-San Remo

Milan San Remo Ciolek

Image: SMH

After the Milan-San Remo, the current LVDC podium looks like this:

PW2013                 124

Meowmaniacs       77

Wheeee!                 75

Don’t forget – 24 transfers are allowed over the course of the series, although it’s going to be hard to assess the strength of teams based on the freak conditions of the first race…

Les Vaches des Classiques



Image: Kranky Kids

It’s time to fire up your inner DS with a fantasy cycling team. Velogames is running a competition covering the great one-day races and it all kicks off tomorrow with the Milan-San Remo. As a way of indulging my competitive side there is a mini-league for fans of the cows. Set up a team and join in the fun, using the league code 15003318.

This is what you’ll be up against:

  • Tom Moonen
  • Mark Cowvendish
  • Sylvain Cowvanel
  • Mooreno Mooser
  • Thomas Veauckler
  • Simmental Gerrans
  • Cowlos Betancow
  • Cowen de Kort
  • Tom Jelle Slagter (the butcher, natch)
  • Michael Morecow
  • Michal Kwiatkowski
  • Frederik Veauchelen

The LVDC team is, naturally, selected from our favourite cow-named riders which has proven in the past to be a poor basis for team selection. Yet I persist… you need not!

There’s bragging rights (and a t-shirt) in it for the winning DS.

Podium Cafe has a race preview up – who’ll be joining me for negronis early on Monday morning?