Stage 15: Round-up

I guess you can blame me.

I was lucky enough to score a rest day of my own on Sunday night with Injera taking over the recap reins for the evening (thanks!). Today we’re back to my usual drivel and I guess I’m being punished by Le Tour Overseers as we experienced a very tedious stage. Very late in the telecast I did a twitter roll call and was really proud that some many of #TeamVache had hung in there to spot until the end of a seemingly interminable transition stage. If you haven’t joined us yet on twitter, follow us here and use the hashtag #lvdt plus a km mark when you spot cows, fake cows, men in cow pyjamas, cow patterned wellingtons …

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Stage 15: Samatan > Pau

Today’s 160km stage takes us from the Midi-Pyrénées to the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Given the length of the stage, you might be expecting lots of big climbs. If you are, you’ll be as disappointed as I was to see that there are only three, packed into the last third of the stage, and they are a Cat 4, a Cat 3 and another Cat 4. These are followed by a downhill run into the finish at Pau. Transitional stages – how dull. There had better be cows!

There is a local hero in these parts. As we move into the Aquitaine region it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that we are in the home of the relatively new Blonde D’Aquitaine breed.

 Image: Heuvelland Blondes

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Cows with Guns

School night, peeps, off to bed… keep me posted with cow sightings #lvdt [ir]
July 17, 2011

My timing was impeccable.  Even if I’d seen this tweet from earlier, I’d have had no idea of its significance:

May have just completed the most ridiculous/awesome work of my career. Will go to air tonight.
July 17, 2011
But it all soon became clear.  Or clear-ish.

Stage 15: Limoux > Montpellier

192.5 kilometers of pretty flat cycling gets us from the Pyrenees to the Alps.  The last day for the sprinters to shine and probably finalise the green jersey standings before they hit the Champs-Élysées.  Mind you – if they come across any of our featured bovine for this stage, they’d better have their sprinting legs on [particularly those teams in red… I’m looking at you, BMC and Cofidis – Injera]! Mesdames et Messieurs may I present….Le Camargue!

 Image: Kranky Kids

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