The final cowntdown!

Le Tour is almost upon us!  Check your fridge, unfurl your slanket/snuggie, print off your bingo cards, have the Tour Guide handy, tune your TV to SBS (and hide the remote if you are anywhere near non-cycling-and-cow people) and fire up the internet.

Over the next three and a bit weeks we will be posting daily previews for each stage,  giving Team Vaches a heads-up as to which cows to look out for.  After each stage (taking into account sleep-ins and restorative brunches) we will post a rundown on any outstanding cow spots or bovine-related incidents.

There are a number of ways you can make sure you don’t miss any of the exciting cow developments:


Getting ready for Le Tour Part II

Hello there to all our new cow loving,  cycle-toting friends!

Three weeks to go …  just about.  I’m starting to get excited about the individual stages of the tour,  starting with our jumping off spot,  le Grand Depart,  at Passage du Gois on the Atlantic coast in the North West of France. The start sees the pack traversing a bluestone causeway that is cut by high tides. If I was organising Le Tour I might be tempted to pop this bit in at the end of a stage,  to see who gets there before they have to swim across. (That there is quite possibly why I’m not organising Le Tour I guess).  Here’s a link to the glossy start page on the official web site.

Injera has provided some great practical advice for preparing yourself for this year’s tour,  I thought I’d follow up with some quick notes on how technology (well really,  twitter) can provide excellent insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the tour.

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