Stage 14: Grenoble > Risoul

A fabulous mountain stage is ahead of us tonight. We can look forward to three big climbs over the 177km route and an early (8:30pm AEST) start to the broadcast. First, there’s the Cat 1 Col de Lautaret, then the HC Col d’Izoard and the finish is at the ski station at Risoul, another Cat 1 climb. Nibali is looking really strong, but I’d like to see Mooooooollema have a crack tonight. I have demonstrated my complete lack of tipping ability (sorry, Richie!) , so in the interests of using my Kiss of Death for good and not evil, I’m going to tip Valverde for the stage tonight.

On to the cows!


Chagne Farm

I have no idea what breed of cattle they keep at La Ferme de Chagne, or what types of fromage de vache they make from the milk, but I think this is the most excited I’ve been when researching cattle of Le Tour:

Every Tuesday at 5.30 pm.
Visit the Chagne Farm  in Risoul Village and
help milk the cows.

Meet up at the farm at 5.30 pm :, 3€ per person.
1 litre of milk offered per family.

Risoul Tourism

I want to be there now. Well, on Tuesday at 5.30, to be precise…

More breed-specifically, we are near Villard-de-Lans territory, which means our cheese is the Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage. The people of the region take their cheese very seriously and dress up for their get-togethers to celebrate their produce. They’re not too serious for a cute logo, though…

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 7.27.41 pm


Have a look at this page for a description of the cheese-making process (in French), as well as pictures.