Stage three: round-up

The best-laid plans and all that.  For all the tips we’ve been giving you on the local breeds to watch out for, our only quality sighting during stage three was a group of what looks to be Charolais.  It was a lovely group, though, and they are our mascot breed so we can’t help but be happy about that.

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Stage one: round-up

As suspected, we didn’t get a lot of cow action during the opening stage.  The few sightings were brief and very much in the background, with the exception of the display put on by the Agriculteurs de Vendée at the 94km mark.  Their cow was, however, sculptural.

Despite the effort these farmers had gone to with their display, Phil and Paul were less than impressed.  They felt that the use of the vehicles animating the wheels of the bike undermined the Tour’s green credentials. Sheesh – lighten up, guys!

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